Imperious Wrecks

This double-CD by Vrakets Position (VRAKGODS 001) arrived late April 2011. It’s two guys from Sweden who make one heck of a deuced fine 100% improvised din using just guitars and synths, maybe some effects pedals, a rhythm box…veering somewhere along the slopes of avant-rock, free noise and even freer improvisation, the combined simplistic and unfettered musical thumping howl they make is utterly splendid. Göran Green and Tommy Lindholm are old friends who were in a punk band 1978-1982, and after the break-up of that combo continued making music together on cassettes from 1988 onwards. Now it seems they’re both over 60 years old and still find they have a hunger and passion for playing that is undiminished. So along comes this set offering over 70 minutes of music, all drawn from their recent period of creativity which started in 2007 – freaky psychedelic-ish jamming and soaring feedback din, enigmatic atonal songs, near-romantic ballads, and just plain old freeform fuzz out noise. One trademark that distinguishes their mixed-up emotional splurges is a strong sense of rhythm and repetition, and there’s hardly a song among the seven cuts on CD1 that doesn’t massage your brain into a glorious state of tranced-out bonelessness, simply by dint of mindless repeat thumpage. It’s a soft-hard sound that insinuates itself into your body like so much cotton wadding, which then proceeds to swell up when moistened and cause your carcass to turn inside-out. CD2 is slightly less of an all-out zonkermaroo, offering one single 24 minute floor-wiper called ‘True Sailing Is Dead’ (a line from ‘Horse Latitudes’ by The Doors, as any fule kno). This item is more of a wishy-washy synth based wailer that ebbs and flows like a miniature whirlpool and is (for me) marred slightly by the annoying voices at the start, but even so I can see th’ track might turn out to be a beguiling mystery swamper with its numbing repeato-patterns and general air of opacity, something it shares with its sister CD. One of the real nice surprises of the year this, and recommended too. Allegedly, the boys from Northern Skåne have hundreds of cassettes dating back to 1978, so keep an eye open for more releases from those carrier-bags of buried treasure. By the way their name translates (roughly) as “Position of the Wreck” in English, and after playing the first disc, you’ll understand exactly what it means.

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