Introducing Vrakets Position

Göran and I know each other since 1978 when we played together in a punk band. The band split in 1982, short after releasing an EP under the name Kabbala Kitsch, but the two of us continued to make improvised music with various others until about 1987. Between 1988 – 2004 we only met a few times for more improvisations.

For some reason, from 2005 and on we began to meet more frequently in my home in the woods of Northern Skåne, now as focused as ever in the late 70`s.

These CD:s are a documentation of some of the music we have done during the last years. There is a lot more(including hundreds of cassettes from 1978-2004). We found it difficult to decide what to put on CD, so we let our good friend Conny do that. And this is what we sound like…..sometimes. Everything is 100% improvised. Also, we never try to do anything twice except for the use of lyrics (mostly Omar Khayyam but even some Blake, Nietzsche, Hesse, Yeats). Good poetry should be repeated!

In English the name of the band should be something like Wrecks´Position or Position of the Wreck. Instruments are mainly guitars and synths + effects.

Göran and I are now both 60+. He is an artist and runs an art gallery in Malmö and I am a psychotherapist. Probably we will continue playing together till death do us apart…

Vrakets Position is Göran Green and Tommy Lindholm, Sweden
Galleri 21 Recordings, Vrakgods 001, galleri21[at],